Lights of Love Recognition 2021

We hope you take comfort in seeing the name of your loved one, and the names and messages of others, in this online recognition list. We will update this list regularly, until December 31, 2021.


Dedicated to all the souls of the faithful departed, may they be granted peace. 

John Bancroft

In memory of John Bancroft, an amazing friend and neighbour who brought light and love to everyone he met. From the neighbourhood gang.

Lily Edith Bullock and Lily Mae Murray

In memory of my mother, Lily Edith Bullock and my sister Lily Mae Murray. Gone but never forgotten. ❤️

Dorothy Breadon

In loving memory of Dorothy Breadon. Thank you for being my ray of sunshine.

Tyler Cooper

In memory of Tyler Cooper

Joyce and David Evans

In memory of my parents, Joyce and David Evans, who are loved and missed every day. Gone but never forgotten- Gillian

Louis and Marjorie Garneau 

In memory of Louis and Marjorie Garneau


Bob Gulliford 
In memory of Bob Gulliford. Best known as dad or poppa.

We will miss you always. ❤️


Shirley Hart

In memory of our mom Shirley Hart. May your light shine bright this Christmas. 

Phyllis Mathieson 

In memory of Phyllis Mathieson

Cindy McCauley

In memory of Cindy McCauley

Paul Savelle 

In memory of Paul Savelle

Pauline Schwartzentruber

In loving memory of my wife, Pauline.

Pauline Schwartzentruber
In memory of our Mom and Grammy, Pauline Schwartzentruber.

We miss you every day. 

Bill and Millie Scott

In memory of Bill and Millie Scott, thinking of my parents during the holiday time.

Ken Thomas

In loving memory of a kind wonderful man, Ken Thomas. Remember ho much we lived, remember how much we laughed, remember how much we loved. 

Don and George Yates

In memory of my brothers, George Yates and Don Yates.