Lights of Love Recognition 2021


We hope you take comfort in seeing the name of your loved one, and the names and messages of others, in this online recognition list. We will update this list regularly, until December 31, 2021.


Dedicated to all the souls of the faithful departed, may they be granted peace. 

Gwen Abraham

In memory of my dear mother, Gwen Abraham.

Ballentyne and Brine 

In memory of Brine and Ballentyne family members

John Bancroft

In memory of John Bancroft, an amazing friend and neighbour who brought light and love to everyone he met. From the neighbourhood gang.

Janice Beirness

In memory of Janice Beirness

Cheryl (Vivian) Blatchford

In memory of Cheryl (Vivian) Blatchford

 Louisa Wakelin Braley and Dorothy Ryde

In memory of our Moms- Louisa Wakelin Braley and Dorothy Ryde.


Dorothy Breadon

In loving memory of Dorothy Breadon. Thank you for being my ray of sunshine.

Norma Brenneman

In memory of Norma Brenneman. 

Carmen & Ron Brierley, and Jean & Paul Oliver

In memory of Carmen and Ron Brierley, and Jean and Paul Oliver.


Lily Edith Bullock and Lily Mae Murray

In memory of my mother, Lily Edith Bullock and my sister Lily Mae Murray. Gone but never forgotten. ❤️

Rosa Chambers
In memory of our dear mom and grandma Rosa Chambers.

Forever in our hearts ❤️

Tyler Cooper

In memory of Tyler Cooper

Tony & Isabelle Culliton and June & Bob Wheal

In memory of our parents: June and Bob Wheal and Tony and Isabelle Culliton

Dad and Papa Ken

In memory of Dad and Papa Ken 

Dan and Marilyn

In memory Dan and in memory of Marilyn.

 Kenneth and Margaret Daum

In memory of Ken & Marg Daum, thinking of my wonderful parents this holiday season.  

 Fred Diehl

In memory of my dear brother, who will be forever in my heart.

 Larry Dietrich

In memory of Larry Dietrich

 Larry Dietrich

In loving memory of Larry Dietrich a gentle, kind and loving husband and Dad.  His light shone bright in this world and he will be forever loved and missed.

Larry Dietrich and Catherine Herzog

In memory of our lovely mom, Catherine Herzog and our dear brother in law, Larry Dietrich. We miss you both. Remembered with love always - Val & Ozzie

 Larry Dietrich

In memory of Uncle Larry Dietrich. With love Steve, Samantha, Kristen and Nathan

Jayne Dill

In honour of Jayne Dill

Bruce, Dorothy and Harvey Dow and Cecil and Pat Tufts

In memory of Bruce Dow, Dorothy Dow, Harvey Dow, Cecil Tufts and Pat Tufts.  

Bonnie Drew

In memory of Bonnie Drew

Liesel Dykstra

In memory of Liesel Dykstra

Joyce and David Evans

In memory of my parents, Joyce and David Evans, who are loved and missed every day. Gone but never forgotten- Gillian

Jason Fetter

In memory of Jason Fetter

Reg Fickling

Shine bright Reg. We miss you.

Brian Flaxbard

In memory of Brian Flaxbard. Missing you.

Brian J Flaxbard

In Memory of Brian J Flaxbard

Kim Gallant 

In memory of Kim Gallant.


Louis and Marjorie Garneau 

In memory of Louis and Marjorie Garneau.


Don Gatschene

 My uncle who made me laugh.

Ken and Keith Godwin

In memory of our brothers, Ken and Keith.

Barbara Green and Doug MacDougald

In honour of Doug MacDougald & Barbara Green

Hildegard Grobbecker

In memory of Hildegard Grobbecker

George Guenther

In memory of George Guenther.

George Guenther

In memory of George Guenther.

Bob Gulliford 
In memory of Bob Gulliford. Best known as dad or poppa.

We will miss you always. ❤️


Sophie Hamza

In loving memory of our beautiful bee, Sophie Hamza. In our hearts always and forever, Mum, Dad & Grace.

Margaret Harley

In memory of Margaret Harley

Maxine Hart

In honour of Maxine Hart

Shirley Hart

In memory of our mom Shirley Hart. May your light shine bright this Christmas. 

Jack and Alveretta Henderson

In Memory of Jack & Alveretta Henderson.

Ollie Henry

Ollie was a very strong “light” in our community. She is missed dearly.

 Catherine Herzog

In loving memory of Catherine Herzog the best mom anyone could ever wish for. Such a kind and giving person who we were lucky to have in our lives until she was almost 102. Forever loved and missed. 

Ross Hislop

In memory of Ross Hislop

Martha (Mattie) Hood

In memory of Martha (Mattie) Hood

Martha Hood

In memory of Martha Hood

Martha “Mattie” Todd Hood

In memory of Martha “Mattie” Todd Hood

Alicia Horne & Bill Killing

In honour of Alicia Horne & Bill Killing

Donald & Lois Horne

In honour of Donald & Lois Horne

Doug Irwin and Gail Robbins

In memory of our brother Doug Irwin and our sister Gail Robbins. 

Marion Ions and Mary McKinnon

In memory of Mary McKinnon and Marion Ions

Rick Jablecki

In loving memory of Rick Jablecki. Loving husband and proud father and grandpa. Missed beyond words and loved beyond measure.

Dale Clarice James

In memory of Dale Clarice James.

Kenneth Kistner

In honour of Kenneth Kistner.

Mildred Koch

In Memory of Mildred Koch.

Florence Landreth

In memory of Florence Landreth and the exceptional care she received at the Hospice.

Eleanor Lange

In memory Eleanor Lange


Gary & Val Lebold

In memory of Gary & Val Lebold


Eileen Letham

In memory of our grandma, Eileen Letham. We miss you so much grandma, and can’t wait to see you again someday. We love you!

Eileen Letham

In memory of my Mom, Eileen Letham. Not a day goes by that I don’t think of you. Miss you~Love you.

Henry Leyser

In memory of Dad who left us 22 years ago. We still miss him every day.❤️

Barb Leyser

Think of you every day. Miss our daily chats.❤️

Ken & Eldene Lotz and Bob & Lil Myers

In memory of Bob & Lil Myers and Ken & Eldene Lotz

Ruby M.

In memory of Ruby M.

Marg & Tom

In memory of Marg & Tom

Aunt Marn 

In memory of Aunt Marn

Phyllis Mathieson 

In memory of Phyllis Mathieson.

Cindy McCauley

In memory of Cindy McCauley.

Sylvia McGovern

In Honour of Sylvia McGovern

Norma McIver

Thank you to all the wonderful people who are caring for my Mother Norma McIver. Special mention to Brenda RN who has gone above and beyond with her kindness.

Beckie McKenzie-Donley

In memory of Beckie McKenzie-Donley. We miss your light & love every day.

Audrey and John McMurray

In memory of my Mom and Dad, Audrey and John McMurray.

Medical community

In Honour of Stratford & area medical community from Physiotherapy Alliance

Margaret Merkel (aka Aunt Maggie)

Miss you everyday, especially during this first Christmas without you.❤️

Walter & Gisela Mueller

In Honour of Walter & Gisela Mueller

Diane Myers

In memory of Diane Myers. 

Randy Nairn

In memory of Randy Nairn. 

Dolores Neeb

In memory and in honour of Dolores Neeb. 

John Newman

In memory of John Newman

John O'Hara

In memory of John O'Hara.

Lillian Parker

In Memory of Lillian Parker

Dorothy Parlour

In loving memory of Dorothy Parlour.

Roger Proulx

In memory of Roger Proulx. ❤️

Wes Patterson and Peter Van Drunen Sr.

In memory of Wes Patterson and Peter Van Drunen Sr.

Jake Reich

In memory of Jake Reich.

Dianne Rellinger

In Memory of Dianne Rellinger

Jackie Richards & Doris Schmidt

In Memory of Jackie Richards & Doris Schmidt

Sandra Ross

In memory of Sandra Ross.


Chuck Salter

In memory of Chuck Salter. 

Bill Sanderson
In memory of our dear dad and grandpa Bill Sanderson.

Forever in our hearts ❤️

Carole Sanderson
In memory of our dear mom and grandma Carole Sanderson.

Forever in our hearts ❤️

Paul Savelle 

In memory of Paul Savelle.

Dale, Diane & Ross Schoonderwoerd

In memory and in honour of Dale, Diane and Ross.

Beryl Semple

In memory of Beryl Semple

Marie Shurgold

In Memory of our Mom, Marie Shurgold.

Pauline Schwartzentruber

In loving memory of my wife, Pauline.

Pauline Schwartzentruber
In memory of our Mom and Grammy, Pauline Schwartzentruber.

We miss you every day. 

Pauline Schwartzentruber

In memory of Pauline Schwartzentruber

Pauline Schwartzentruber

In Memory of Pauline Schwartzentruber

Pauline Schwartzentruber

In Honour of Pauline Schwartzentruber

Pauline Schwartzentruber

In Memory of Pauline Schwartzentruber

Pauline Schwartzentruber

In memory of my grammy, Pauline Schwartzentruber. Love, Evan

Bill and Millie Scott

In memory of Bill and Millie Scott, thinking of my parents during the holiday time.

Kim Selbie

In memory of Kim Selbie

Bob Shepherd

In memory of Bob Shepherd

Marlene Shiell

In honour of Marlene Shiell

 David Sieling

In memory of Dave (David) Sieling.


In honour of Rotary Hospice staff.


In Honour of The Dedicated Hospice Staff.

Staff and Volunteers

In honour of the staff and volunteers who cared for our Mom and Grammy, Pauline Schwartzentruber.

Staff and Volunteers
In appreciation of the staff and volunteers who do an amazing job.

Thanks, George & Marg

 Charles & Elizabeth Stuart, and ‘auntie’ Sheila Smith

In loving memory of Charles & Elizabeth Stuart, and ‘auntie’ Sheila Smith ❤️

JoAnne Telford

In memory of JoAnne Telford. 

George Thomas

In memory of George Thomas.

Ken Thomas

In loving memory of a kind wonderful man, Ken Thomas. Remember how much we lived, remember how much we laughed, remember how much we loved. 

Harry Tribick

My father who was generous with his time, talent and affection.

Harry Tribick

In memory of Harry Tribick

Thea Van Dam

In honour of Thea Van Dam.

Bernard Vollmer

In memory of Bernard Vollmer

Mike Walsh

In memory of Mike Walsh.

Ian Watson

In memory of Ian Watson

Fred Webley

In honour of Fred Webley.

Warner Woodley

In memory of my darling husband Warner Woodley

Don and George Yates

In memory of my brothers, George Yates and Don Yates.