Lights of Love Recognition

Rotary Hospice will be lit up with love this holiday season in loving memory and in honour of the following individuals:

In Memory of my Mother Margaret Daum

In Memory of my Husband Reg Fickling

In Memory of Willard Hazen

In Honour of Sara E.G. Brown

In Memory of Lloyd Schmidt

In Memory of Wayne Schneider

In Memory of Lorne LeBlanc

In loving memory of Carl Thompson

In Memory of Audrey McMurray

In memory of Lorne Ehgoetz who passed away Dec 9, 2007

In Memory of Tyler Cooper

In memory of Christine Behnke and Ray Schweitzer. We love and miss you so.

In recognition of the entire care team

In memory of Kim Gallant

 In memory of my sister Pauline Schwartzentruber (November 26, 2019)

 In memory of Jean and Paul Oliver

In memory of Carmen and Ron Brierley

In loving memory of my parents, David and Joyce Evans, who are so loved and missed every day. Forever in my heart - Gillian

In memory of a great friend, Dianne Rellinger

In memory of my Dad Joe Walker

Charlotte was my best friend. She died in 2015.

In Memory of Doug Dale & Jack Scholl

In Memory of our son & brother Gregory Cook. Still missed each and every single day.

In memory of Pauline Schwartentruber. Rotary Hospice was a wonderful place for her to spend her end of life. My sister Pauline and her family were so well cared for there! We are so grateful this awesome facility is in our community!

In Memory of Otto and Kathie Weth

In Memory of our parents, Len & Irma Young, from "the kids"

In Memory of my mother, Gwen Abraham

In Memory of our sister, Gail Robbins, and brother, Doug Irwin

In Memory of Sylvia Evans

In Memory of Paula Thomson

In Memory of Gail Lyons