Lights of Love Recognition 2020

Thank you to all who made a donation to Lights of Love in memory or honour of someone special. Your contributions raised over $40,000 for our Rotary Hospice!

We hope you take comfort in seeing your the name of your loved one, and the names and messages of others, in this online recognition list. Scroll down to view the full list of honoured individuals, all lovingly recognized by friends, colleagues, and family. 

In Memory of my Mother Margaret Daum

In Memory of my Husband Reg Fickling

In Memory of Willard Hazen

In Honour of Sara E.G. Brown

In Memory of Lloyd Schmidt

In Memory of Wayne Schneider

In Memory of Lorne LeBlanc

In loving memory of Carl Thompson

In Memory of Audrey McMurray

In memory of Lorne Ehgoetz who passed away Dec 9, 2007

In Memory of Tyler Cooper

In memory of Christine Behnke and Ray Schweitzer. We love and miss you so.

In recognition of the entire care team

In memory of Kim Gallant

 In memory of my sister Pauline Schwartzentruber (November 26, 2019)

 In memory of Jean and Paul Oliver

In memory of Carmen and Ron Brierley

In loving memory of my parents, David and Joyce Evans, who are so loved and missed every day. Forever in my heart - Gillian

In memory of a great friend, Dianne Rellinger

In memory of my Dad Joe Walker

Charlotte was my best friend. She died in 2015.

In Memory of Doug Dale & Jack Scholl

In Memory of our son & brother Gregory Cook. Still missed each and every single day.

In memory of Pauline Schwartentruber. Rotary Hospice was a wonderful place for her to spend her end of life. My sister Pauline and her family were so well cared for there! We are so grateful this awesome facility is in our community!

In Memory of Otto and Kathie Weth

In Memory of our parents, Len & Irma Young, from "the kids"

In Memory of my mother, Gwen Abraham

In Honour of our sister, Gail Robbins

In Memory of our brother, Doug Irwin

In Memory of Sylvia Evans

In Memory of Paula Thomson

In Memory of Gail Lyons

In Memory of Lorne McKinnon

In honour of Anita Dubé

In loving memory of our grandparents Tony and Isabel Culliton, Cleatus and Mildred Watters

In memory of Laila Wilson & her beautiful Christmas displays

In Memory of Eileen Letham

In Memory of Sandra Swartzentruber

In Memory of Cindy McCauley

In Memory of Gregory Helferty

In memory of Bob Blowes, my special dad. He was able to pass surrounded by love and light.

Such a beautiful place, happy to support!

In memory of Philip Brown who passed away in 2019. 

In memory of Warner Woodley

In loving memory of my parents, Pat and Johnny-Boy Hannam, whom we miss dearly xx

In memory of Florence Landreth, who spent 6 weeks at the hospice in 2019, with caring kindness and comfort.

In memory of my wonderful Mom, Frances Schultz

In memory of Dianne Murray

In loving memory of Sandra Swartzentruber

In memory of Frank Nyenhuis

In Memory of Audrey Baier

In memory of William J. (Bill) Lannin from Tanya

In loving memory of Rick Jablecki, loving husband, father and proud papa. Forever in our hearts.

In Memory of my mom, Betty Larkworthy

In memory of Ken Thomas. I wish Heaven had visiting hours.

In memory of my husband Garry Muir

In memory of Heinz Mikler

In memory of Allan Sebben

In memory of Don Trotter

In memory of Sam & Florence Boshart

In memory of H. V. Roberts

In honour of Walter & Gisela Mueller

In honour of Bob Anderson

In memory of Mrs. Frances McCann

In memory of Erin Voss

In memory of Jean Lindner

In memory of Floyd "Butch" Roeder

In memory of Frank Crowley

In memory of Margaret Mountain

In memory of Margaret Hislop

In memory of George & Regina Legate, son Robert, parents of Lorne & Audrey.

In Honour of the Hospice Staff

In memory of Aunt Audrey Baier

In memory of Cindy McCauley

In Memory of Iva Bell

In Memory of Charlie Salter

In Memory of John (Jack) Morrison

In Memory of my brother Jeff, "Let's see what tomorrow brings"

In memory of Gordon Payne

In memory of Ian Montizambert

In memory of Dan Watters

In memory of Marilyn Hamilton

In memory of Angus MacDermid

In memory of Averil Nicholas

In memory of Dr. Bruce Halliday

In memory of Mary Ann Yost

In memory of Reta Armstrong

In Memory of our Mother & Grandmother "Betty Lou Ramseyer" Forever in our Hearts

In Memory of Sharon Smith

In Memory of Jack Morrison

In Memory of Dianne Rellinger

In memory of Robert Wendland

In memory of Eileen Letham

In memory of Fides Jeffery

In memory of Anand Hegde

In memory of Frank Nyenhuis

In honour of Frank Merkel

In memory of Gail Lyons

In memory of the extended ROY family

In memory of Dale Cowell 1966-2016 ❤️❤️❤️

In honour of Sandra Gaunt's retirement

In memory of George Stewart and Edna Stewart

In memory of Ronald Mitchell

In memory of Annemarie Hausleitner

In memory of Laura Ford

In memory of Robert Read

In memory of our parents ❤️ Gerry & Arnold Merkel, Maria & Domenic DiDiomete. Forever in our hearts. ❤️

In memory of Wayne Schneider

In memory of our beloved daughter, Angela Ladd. We love you and miss you and thank you for the spirit of love you always given us. One step at a time has led us to healing, understanding and happiness in the place we are today. You are our light of love. Love you Angi, Mom and Dad.

In memory of my late mother, Edna McCue

In memory of Lea and Mac Carroll

In memory of Michael J. Walsh

In honour of Cheryl, Reception Volunteer

In memory of Carole Sanderson

In honour of Carol & Neil Cheney, Becky & Terry Douglas, Susan & Bill Little

In loving memory of a special uncle, Ken Kistner

In recognition of my friends Lynda Bumstead, Lori Speiran, and Laurie Brown. They are very 'bright lights' ❤️

In memory of our Moms - Dorothy Ryde and Louisa Wakelin - with love xo

In memory of Diane O'Quinn from your friends at The Green Room

To our brother, DENNIS YOUNG, for his gift of love and light he gives so freely to all! ❤️

In Memory of Ted Sage

In Memory of Audrey Baier

In Memory of Eileen Letham

In Memory of Jack Van Nes

In lieu of gifts, this is in honour of all the friends with whom I exchange gifts!

In Memory of my aunt Dianne Rellinger

In memory of Veronica Price and Yvonne Underhill

In loving memory of Papa Ken and Dad

In memory of Sandra Ross

In Loving Memory of our Mom and Grandma ~ Eileen Letham

In Memory of George Thomas

In memory of Ken & Eldene Lotz 

In memory of Bob & Lil Myers

In memory of Gordon John Morrice

In memory of Keith Lichty

In memory of Glen Lichty

In loving memory of our dads - Lloyd Schmidt and Glenn Richards.

In memory of David Nickel love from Alyn Nickel & family

In memory of Mary Ellen Osborn

In memory of Blake Pincoe

In honour of Lana Burchett for providing unbelievable guidance and hard work at the Hospice 

In Memory of Marjorie Way

In honour of Sonia, Kris & Nina -wonderful colleagues - their good hearts brighten the world

In loving memory of my husband Russell Boone who passed away December 27, 2019 in the caring surroundings of our Rotary Hospice. Miss you forever 💕 Carol

In memory of Maryann Yost 

In memory of Gordon and Eva Laing 

In memory of Marilyn Zimmer

In loving memory of my father, Bill White. He died of cancer in 1996. I understand deeply the importance and humanity of a good death. Thank you for the important work you do. xo Leanne Perreault and family.

In Memory of Carol Weyers

In memory of my Grammy, Pauline Schwartzentruber. They were so nice to her when she was at the hospice and I want other people to have that. Love, Julia

In honour of all healthcare workers

In Memory of Susanne O'Higgins

In memory of my friend Dianne Rellinger and in appreciation of the wonderful care she received while at the hospice!! Donna T.

This is in memory of my Mother, Beryl Semple who passed away from ALS in 2015.

In memory of my husband, Roger Proulx

In Memory of David G.E. Hawkins

In memory of Betty Larkworthy

In memory of Brian Flaxbard

In memory of Shari Langis

In Honour of Agnes Gaffney

In Memory of Anne McAuley

In Memory of Kathryn McClement

In Memory of Frank Nyenhuis

In Memory of Barry Jesson

In Memory of Stan Player

In Memory of Garr Dunn