Resident Room Furnishings

The Stratford Perth Rotary Hospice will have 10 fully equipped Resident Suites. The items listed below will be available in each room, and your donation towards their purchase brings us one step closer to opening in Spring 2019!

Rooms will be furnished to feel like home so that the resident, their family and friends can feel comforted by the people and things that bring them peace. A hospital grade bed will look out to floor to ceiling windows that open, and each room will have a fireplace wall with mantel for personal mementos. There will also be a flat screen tv for entertainment or Skype calls with loved ones faraway. For visiting guests, a queen size sofa bed, reclining chair, mini fridge, and two-piece washroom mean they can stay comfortably by their loved one's side.  

Your donation towards a Wish List item ensures the Hospice will feel like home. 

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